Dierks Bentley’s Video For ‘Riser’ Will Make You Cry Like A Baby

by Staci Wuokko, CBS Radio Chicago

When Dierks Bentley heard ‘Riser,’ he knew it had to be his.

“The whole time I worked on this album, the goal was just to get to this song as a single,” he told The Gaurdian. “I’m just down in the trenches fighting like hell to get this thing heard.”

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It hit especially home to Dierks, who lost his father in 2012. Dierks explains he wanted to be a good husband, dad and performer, all while grieving the loss.

Just like the song touched him, Dierks wanted the video for ‘Riser’ to strike fans the same way with an important message.

The film includes Amy, who is trying everything in her power to provide for her family. It begins with her talking and telling her story.

Watch the powerful video now at US99.

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