Hunter Hayes Just Wants a ‘Someday Girl’ in New Song: Listen

More new music from his upcoming new album.

By Kevin Rutherford

Hunter Hayes continues to gear up for his next album—he’s already debuted “21” and “Young and in Love,” and now the young country artist completes the trifecta with new song “Someday Girl.”

“Someday Girl” is an upbeat, mandolin-fueled track in which Hayes gets into the concept of “someday” immediately. “Everybody’s got that someday dreamed up, mapped out,” he sings at the onset. “Gonna find somebody some way, but nobody knows how.”

From there, it’s all about preaching his devotion to this girl, the “angel with the gypsy curls”—you guessed it, it’s his “someday girl.” Kinda sounds like “Sunday girl,” too, if you wanna interpret things in some alternate universe.

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Hayes co-wrote the new song with Troy Verges, with whom Hayes famously collaborated on “Wanted,” “I Want Crazy” and more.

“Someday Girl” is the newest song released off Hayes’ upcoming new album, about which little is currently known. Whenever it’s out, it’ll follow last year’s Storyline, which topped Billboard‘s Country Albums chart and spawned a top 10 single in “Invisible.”

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